Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire and Water Damage to a Kitchen

A small fire occurred in this home. Due to the amount of water needed to put out this fire, the kitchen essentially needed to be gutted due to the water damage... READ MORE

Fire Damage to Carpet

The before picture shows a staircase with the carpet covered in soot from a fire that occurred. The after photo shows what it looks like after SERVPRO has remo... READ MORE

Fire Damage to a Home in Wildwood, MO

The before photo shows the side of a garage in a home after the house next door burned to the ground. Even though the fire was next door, it caused a tremendous... READ MORE

Office Space Fire Damage

The before photo shows what an office space looks like after a fire occurs. The cubicles and ceiling tiles are covered in soot and are in the process of being ... READ MORE

Garage Fire

The before photo shows what an automotive repair garage looked like after a fire. The after photo shows what it looked like after it was cleaned and repainted.... READ MORE

Smoke Damage

Crews successfully restored floors after a soot fire in an apartment building in Chesterfield, MO. Light smoke covered the floors. Crews removed the smoke film ... READ MORE

Fire Contents Cleaning

Smoke Damaged Chest from St Louis Fire This smoke damaged chest was built by the customer and had great value to them and was involved in a fire in St Louis. SE... READ MORE

Commercial Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice blasting is used when traditional cleaning would be more labor intensive. SERVPRO of South Chesterfield Wildwood uses the Dry Ice when it makes sense to... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Damage

SERVPRO Of South Chesterfield Wildwood was called into a strip mall fire in St Louis, MO. There were 6 businesses affected by the smoke from this fire. SERVPRO ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Wildwood, MO

Smoke caused smoke damage throughout this home in Wildwood, MO Our crew cleaned the home in a week time just before the Christmas holiday. The family was very p... READ MORE

Apartment Fire in St Louis, MO

SERVPRO of South Chesterfield Wildwood received a call from a property management company in downtown St Louis, Mo. The fire was extensive in one of the lower u... READ MORE